NameStoll log fork duo
AuthorGiants Software, Kodijack, 19 conversion by Louis_LFF
Size13.37 MB
DescriptionThis is My "Stoll log fork duo", former known from FS15. Changelog v2.0.0.0: - Conversion from FS15 to FS17 - Minor corrections and adjustments - Tension belts added - Color choice inside the shop selectable - Fits for frontloader Changelog v2.1.0.1: - Stoll decals revised Changelog v2.2.0.0: - New XL Version for frontloader, telehandler and wheel loader - All 4 Versions (Duo, Duo XL, Duo XL-T, Duo-XL-W) in one file. - Minor adjustments (c) 2015/2016 by Kodijack